Points to Take Into Consideration in Hot Air Apparatus

Points to Take Into Consideration in Hot Air Apparatus


The cleaning of exterior surface must not be made by sharp tools and chemical materials, it is best to clean it by warm water and soap.

Take fuel before you run out of fuel in tank in liquid fuel heating boilers.

Do not open the lids and keep them closed when the fire burns.

Do not spill fuel into the hopper except for the product recommended by the manufacturer apart from the coal (liquid or different combustibles). Do not ever remove hopper sieve.

Make sure that the fuel is clean. The wet coal and materials such as bolt, screw, stone etc. mixed to the coal will damage the mechanism of the stoker.

Do not approach your hand and do not throw foreign material (for instance, stone) during operation of reducer and helix.

The reducer should not be operated without the combustibles (wood, lightwood, oil cloth) thrown on the coal at first burning in boilers with mixer. The incombustible materials cause a pressure by falling down ash spilling section of helix.

The fire should be kept in the upper part of combustion chamber that we call as pot. Fire should not burn in the pot, this will damage boiler by melting casting material and helix.

In YTPH type boilers, the level of coal in the hopper should be at least 20 cm above from the base; otherwise there will be a risk of smoke coming out from your hopper.

Do not lose instruction book, when reqired, we recommend you to take advantage of it again.

The compliance with the points specified in instruction book extends the efficiency and life of your boiler.

Use your boiler as our authorized service makes the arrangements and explains the use of the boiler which is delivered in working condition and do not play with the adjustments of your boiler except for knowledge of the service.

In YTKH type boilers, do not throw your fuel with meltic plastic materials such as sack and bag. Melting materials may damage grid and moving parts when they get hot.

Take your fuel prior to calling the service for the first operation.


Note that the quality of the fuel you will use will directly affect the efficiency of boiler, quality of burning, amount of ash and cleaning periods and amount of fuel you will burn. Prior to take your fuel, firstly try by taking sample

and afterwards buy it. The coals with high calorie may damage casting and sheet metal materials. Do not use pulverized coal, wet coal and coke coal.


The requirements to do before assembly team arrives

To the point specified with staff of Yağmur Teknik;

a)To lay concrete in dimensions provided

b)To bring three-phase (380 V) electrical energy

Furthermore, it is required to take enough fuel for the first operation.

Appropriate Assembly

The device should not be mounted to the places that come into contact with water or that are extremely humid.

If the device is mounted to the places like garden in open or outdoor environment, a sheltered environment should be ensured (it should be protected from effects of outdoor environment such as rain and sun).

The device should be mounted to the sites where it can get enough air for proper combustion.

The device should be mounted as appropriate to control and service intervention.

Assemblier company should mount the device in accordance with all of the instructions and warnings specified in this booklet. Otherwise, the company that carries out assembly will be held responsible for problems that may arise.

Heating channels passing through external environments should be definitely insulated.

Flue is one of the most significant elements of the system. Where there is no a good flue, a good combustion and efficiency will not happen.

The flue should be higher than level of building. The connections of flue should be made in outlet dimensions of the device and flue section should not be narrowed down.

Earth connections of the device should be made definitely.

The device should not be exposed to voltage fluctuation.

Due to the electricity and earth connections of the device is not made according to the rules; YAĞMUR TEKNİK

which is manufacturer company cannot be held responsible for damages to people, animals and objects.

The boiler should be mounted in its scales and it should be in smooth surface. In central systems it should be placed on the base with a minimum height of 25 cm.

While YTPH Model boilers are mounted, a space should be left in order to demount reducer and helix. For this reason, assembly is required to be performed in a way to intervene by the service.