Boilers with Stokers - Points to be taken into consideration

Boilers with Stokers - Points to be taken into consideration

External surface cleaning should not be made by sharp tools or chemicals but with warm water and soap.

Do not open the doors or keep them open while the fuel is burning in the device.

Do not fill any other fuels other than coal or the fuel advised by the manufacturer (liquid or other inflammable materials) for better burning. Never remove the bunker sleeve.

Use clean fuel. Wet coal or materials like nuts, bolts, stones mixed in the coal might damage the stoker mechanism.

Never use your boiler with close expansion connected assembly. Warn the assembler about this issue.

Do not approach your hand or throw strange materials (e.g. stones) while reducer or spiral is running.

Reducer should not be taken into operation before the inflammable materials put on the coal at first burning (wood, firewood, etc.) turns into cinders, unburned materials drop into the spiral part and cause sticking.

Fire should be kept at the upper part of the burning chamber which is called pot. Fire should not burn inside the pot, otherwise it might damage the boiler by melting cast material and the spiral.

Coal level in the bunker should be at least 20 cm above the ground; otherwise there is a risk of smoke coming from your bunker.

Water pumped to the boiler when the boiler is cold.

Before pumping water into the boiler, hose should be flushed empty for a while. Air inside the hose might damage the system.

Do not lose the user’s manual, if required apply to the user’s manual.

Boiler efficiency and lifecycle shall improve if you act in compliance with the issues defined in the user’s manual

Use your boiler which is delivered to you in good an operating conditions after making the relevant set up by our authorized service, according to the explanations made by authorized service and do not change the settings without informing the authorized service.

After the device is installed and water pumped into it in compliance with the instructions, assembler company shall inform the nearest Yağmur Authorized Technical Service and ask the device operated.

Do not discharge air from the installation when the pump is on.

Purchase your fuel before calling the service for first operation.


We remind that the quality of the fuel used shall directly affect the boiler efficiency, burning quality, discharged ash amount, cleaning periods and the burned fuel amount. Before purchasing fuel, take some samples for trial. Coals with high calorific values might damage cast and iron plate materials. Do not use dust coal, wet coal or cock coal.


The device should not be mounted into the wet places or dense humid ambiances.

If the device is mounted outdoors or in places like gardens, it should be sheltered (it should be protected from external effects like sun or rain). Device should be mounted on the places where it can receive sufficient air for suitable combustion.

Device should be mounted in such a manner not to avoid any controls or service interventions.

Assembler company should mount the device in compliance with all the instructions and warnings in this manual.

Otherwise, assembler company shall be responsible for any problems that might occur.

Outdoor installation, hot water, funnel connections have to be isolated.

Funnel is one of the most important elements of the system. Good combustion and efficiency cannot be obtained if there is not a good funnel.

The device should be installed starting from the external parts of the device and then decreased step by step but installation should not be no less than 3/4” in the last radiator group.

Radiator water inlet and outlet connections should be cross-connected.

There should be air relief cocks in each radiator group.

An expansion tank compatible with the capacity should be mounted at the top point of the installation.

Global valves should be mounted on the exit and return lines of the equipment.

Circulation pump should be mounted to the boiler for pumping to the installation.

Funnel connections should be made leak-proof.

Funnel connections should be made at the device outlet dimensions and the chimney intersection should not be narrowed.

The grounding connections for the device must be made.

The device should not be subject to voltage fluctuations.  YAĞMUR TEKNİK, the Manufacturer Company, shall not be responsible for any damage that might be suffered by people, animals or objects stem from not making the electric and grounding connections of the device in compliance with the relevant rules.

If the boiler is mounted indoors, there must be a ventilation window.

The boiler should be mounted with leveling on smooth surface. In the central systems it should be located on a base with a height of no less than 25 cm.

Never use your boiler with closed expansion connected assembly. Warn the assembler about this issue. Closed expansion connected systems are not included in the warranty coverage. The device shall be deemed as out of warranty coverage. Yağmur Teknik shall not be responsible for any problems arising from closed expansion.

There should be no elements like throttles, check valves etc. on safety pipes between the boiler and the expansion.

While mounting the boilers with stoker, sufficient space should be allocated for dismounting the reducer and the spiral. For this purpose mounting should be made to enable intervention by the service personnel.