Economizer / Hot Water

Economizer / Hot Water

Economizers are manufactured for fuel saving purposes and their savings in the boilers reaches up to 20%.

Easy maintenance

It is sufficient to clean it only once a year.

In this way you can obtain the highest performance from the economizers for years. Besides fuel savings, they improve the boiler efficiency.

All the models are isolated with special fiberglass. Furthermore, they are coated with galvanized iron sheet and in this way while the heat losses are minimized, the best efficiency is obtained.

Model A B C D E F
Economizer - 1 130 mm 850 mm 500 mm 150 mm 1" 370 mm
Economizer - 2 180 mm 850 mm 500 mm 150 mm 1 ¼"  370 mm 
Economizer - 3  200 mm  850 mm  500 mm  150 mm  2"  370 mm 
* The values might change in parallel with the product development.